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Interior Package

Interior Clean, Cockpit Shine and our Window Clean temporarily for only € 44.95

Interior Clean 750 ml

Ideal product for the maintenance and restoration of the entire inside of the vehicle. The product cleans and repairs plastic parts, lacquered surfaces, upholstery, doors, etc.

Cockpit Shine 750 ml

Great product for the maintenance and restoration of the dashboard. It creates anti-static surface and prevents the buildup of dirt and dust. It gives a pleasant scent. The product is biodegradable

Leather Kit

Take advantage of this weekend deal, specially formulated for cleaning + conditioning your leather upholstery. from €66.50 for €55,-

Leather Conditioner 750 ml

Milky product for cleaning, refreshing, impregnating and renovating leather car upholstery. Can be used for any color of both natural and artificial leather. Protects leather and stitching from absorbing water, sweat and dirt.