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Anti Bacterial

Starting at £22.73
It is the product for cleaning cars and trucks that transport foods such as meat, fish, fruit and vegetables. It eliminates the bacteria present in the vehicle.

Hygiëne 99.9%

Starting at £22.00
Hygiene 99.9% is the product to remove bacteria.

Disinfectant | Concentrate

Starting at £27.50
Disinfectant is specially developed for touchless cleaning of all sanitary facilities as example

Hand Washing Creme 5L

Hand Washing Creme 5L Hand Washing Creme 5L. Special Formula.

Hand Washing Creme 0,5L

Hand Washing Creme 0,5L

Pro Medical Desinfectant

Desinfect all surfaces-doors, handles, countertops, chairs, telephone or glasses


Hygiene plays a major role in our lives, we at ProNano have decided to put together a package that gives you everything you need for your hygiene in a few clicks.

ProNano Mouth mask

Hygiene is currently the most important thing in our society, it starts with yourself. Keep the chances of spreading a virus as low as possible.

Pro Medical Hand Gel

Pro Medical Hand Gel is a product that disinfects your hands within 30 seconds, it does not dry out your hands.

Hand Hygiëne

HAND HYGIËNE is a rapid and effective agent that is used to disinfect your hands. Bacteria are eliminated within 30 seconds. There is no need to rinse.