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ProNano Microfiber Cleaner 1L

is an innovative liquid for washing microfi bers, it perfectly removes greasy stains, waxes and lubricants.

30X40 Microfiber towel yellow/grey 5pc

is extremely durable and absorbent microfiber cloth, made from high quality material. Ideally suited for cleaning dusty interior parts.

Microfiber 40×40 1200GSM Car Detailing Towel

It can be used for exterior and interior parts such as: dashboard, door-panels, entry sill. It has an anti-static efficiency.

Large XXL – Grey 100×40

The large size allows for greater water absorption

Large XL Glass – BLUE

is a streak-free glass cloth, effectively removes dirt without leaving streaks or fibers on the window, mirrors and glass. It is good for wet and dry use.

Microfiber Pad

Microfibr Pad for cleaning your vehicle, suitable for: Detailing Wax, Lotus Wax, Fast N' Shine, Ceramic Wax, High Gloss Polish

Ultra Large XXL – GREEN

is equipped with long-pile ultra-soft microfibers on both sides and therefore is safe for all types of car paint.

Ultra Large XXL Waffle – BLUE

It has strong but delicate seams. Ideal for wiping cars and large areas from excess water, enough to dry the entire passenger car.